The Filter Preaux Advantage

Say goodbye to hours of pool filter cartridge cleaning! With Filter Preaux Cleaning Systems, clean a full-size cartridge filter in just 30 seconds.

No more mess, no more mistakes
– enjoy hassle-free pool filter cartridge cleaning!



With the ability to clean one pool in 2-minutes, what used to take hours, can now be done in a mere 30-minutes.


Invest in a Filter Preaux system and you can have a dedicated filter-cleaning technician, freeing up other members of your team to focus on other tasks, from pool repairs to renovations.

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Calculate how much you could potentially gain by adding Filter Preaux Cleaning Systems to your projects.
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Gross Revenue Filter Cartridges Cleaned Per Day : 12
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Professional Handling

No more guesswork, forgetting a crucial step, or messy cleanups. Leave it to the experts.

Water Savings

With Filter Preaux, only 20-30 gallons are required, creating the ultimate eco-friendly cleaning solution.

Thorough Cleaning

Our technicians ensure the cartridge filters are cleaned thoroughly, better than anyone else can. Regular filter cleanings also ensure your equipment warranty stays intact.

Energy Savings

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Filter Preaux Transforms Pool Maintenance for Pros!

Ready to Dive In?

With 4 filters in a typical pool filtration system, and up to an hour to manually clean each one with a hose, that is a lot of wasted time! 

The Filter Preaux System is a high pressure, automatic, time saving method to clean filter cartridges in under 30 seconds. Get yours today!

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